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I’m Matt.

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My Back Story

When I started what felt like my professional career, I was just 13. Yes, I wanted to play music, loud music and DJ to anyone who would listen.

By age 24, I had already had an 11-year career, a successful one earning more money than most at my age and a career that was led with passion and purpose.

After 20+ years working for multinationals, boutique consultancies, start-ups, scale-ups and everything in between, I recently had a realisation, an epiphany, one of those moments that make you stop, reflect, and wonder why.

I asked what almost 31 years of success means, if it's just about a paycheck, if one's purpose is internally centred and if everything you have done is focused on you and a narrow group of people surrounding you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved every bit of my career so far and have helped elevate many others while delivering value for the firms, partners and customers I have served. But what if there was more to be offered?

The common theme that had excited me over the years had been playing to an audience, seeing people feel good, helping people do better and amplifying success.

Knowing what it takes to Amplify Success, I decided to translate the many years of leading, being a creative, technical lead, problem solver, data fanatic, storyteller, coach, confidant, advisor and fellow human and share this with you. Including tools, templates, tips, tricks and experiences,

How I am approaching this newsletter.

To really make some learnings come to life for you, I am documenting a journey in creating a new platform Amplifying Success.

While documenting this journey, I will use the tools and techniques I have learned (or have learned along the way) and share the experiences with you.

If you think of it this way,

You will get to see how things work or don’t work.

You can read about the challenges, perspectives, data and insights we discover while this thing comes to life.

It’s like the best real-life use case you could ever follow in many ways.

The aim of the platform.

“Connect solopreneurs and small businesses with those who need their expertise”.

I picked this area as I believe there is some insane talent out there, lost between corporate social media budgets.

It is really hard to stand out in a crowded world, especially when you are up against businesses with funds galore to advertise.

So I decided to create this platform to help elevate the creators, makers, social warriors and anyone who helps Amplify other people’s success.

The benefit for you subscribing.

You get full access to regular updates as I embark on this journey of building Amplifying Success to share the learnings with you.

As you have signed up, you have shown your support, and I am delighted to know you value the idea of Amplifying Success.

I’ll aim to ensure you:

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Matt Atherfold

I'm building The Success Network to showcase solopreneurs, making it easier for people and businesses to discover them. The goal is to empower solopreneurs, connecting them with potential customers and opportunities for business growth.